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My research aims to explore translation technology and the history of translation. My projects fall into six categories: (1) technology for general translators, (2) technology for specialised translation, (3) technology for translation researchers, (4) technology for CAT developers, (5) language technology for non-professionals, and (6) history of translation.

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Research Projects

From Theory to Reality

Translation Informatics: The Management of Translation Knowledge

Neural Machine Translation

Technology for General Translators

Technology for Specialised Translation

Technology for Translation Researchers

Technology for CAT Developers

Language Technology for Non-professionals

History of Translation

Teaching and Learning

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Area 1


  1. TRA 1002 Practical Translation (Resources)

  2. TRA 2021 Contrastive Linguistics and Translation (Resources)

  3. TRA 4041 Final Year Project (E-C) (Resources)

Area 2


  1. TRA 1011 Fundamentals of Interpreting (Resources)

  2. TRA 2011 Consecutive Interpreting 1 (Resources)

  3. TRA 2012 Consecutive Interpreting 2 (Resources)

Area 3

Translation Studies

  1. TRA 1021 Introduction to Translation Theories (Resources)

  2. TRA 2121 Cultural Issues in Translation (Resources)

  3. TRA 7020 Chinese Discourse on Translation (Resources)

Area 4

Translation Technology

  1. TRA 3105 Computer and Business Translation 1 (Resources)

  2. TRA 3107 Mobile Application Design and Development for Translators (Resources)

  3. TRA 4104 Computer and Business Translation 2 (Resources)

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