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My research aims to explore translation technology and the history of translation. My projects fall into six categories: (1) technology for general translators, (2) technology for specialised translation, (3) technology for translation researchers, (4) technology for CAT developers, (5) language technology for non-professionals, and (6) history of translation.

Tree Lined Park

About Me

Research Projects

From Theory to Reality


Translation Informatics: The Management of Translation Knowledge

Digital Mind

Neural Machine Translation

Social network concept

Technology for General Translators

Digital social media

Technology for Specialised Translation

Typewriter Keys

Technology for Translation Researchers

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Technology for CAT Developers

Modern Technology

Language Technology for Non-professionals

Colourful Pile of Old Books

History of Translation

Teaching and Learning

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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Area 1


  1. TRA 1002 Practical Translation (Resources)

  2. TRA 2021 Contrastive Linguistics and Translation (Resources)

  3. TRA 4041 Final Year Project (E-C) (Resources)


Area 2


  1. TRA 1011 Fundamentals of Interpreting (Resources)

  2. TRA 2011 Consecutive Interpreting 1 (Resources)

  3. TRA 2012 Consecutive Interpreting 2 (Resources)

Colorful Book Spines

Area 3

Translation Studies

  1. TRA 1021 Introduction to Translation Theories (Resources)

  2. TRA 2121 Cultural Issues in Translation (Resources)

  3. TRA 7020 Chinese Discourse on Translation (Resources)

Globalization concept

Area 4

Translation Technology

  1. TRA 3105 Computer and Business Translation 1 (Resources)

  2. TRA 3107 Mobile Application Design and Development for Translators (Resources)

  3. TRA 4104 Computer and Business Translation 2 (Resources)

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