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Language Technology for Non-professionals


HSMC Business Translation Index (HSMCBTI)


The Hang Seng Management College Business Translation Index (HSMCBTI), a free web-based multilingual database of business terminology, provides users with one-stop access to up-to-date and reliable translations of business terms and buzzwords. Users can (a) browse around 300,000 expressions in a wide range of domains, (b) suggest new entries for the multilingual database, (c) like, dislike or comment on an entry, and (d) invite other users to translate terms that are not found in the system. As a strategic move, the development of the HSMCBTI will enable the College to stand out as a pioneer that develops technology for business translation in the higher education sector.


Multilingual Technology for Non-Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a city predominated by Chinese, but non-Chinese ethnic minorities, including new immigrants and those locally born and raised, form a thriving community in the territory. One of the challenges faced by the non-Chinese groups is language barriers, or more specifically, the use of Chinese or Cantonese. Language technology, which at least partially automates the multilingual processing of Chinese and ethnic minority languages, may offer valuable help when a human translator or interpreter is not immediately available. It is against this background that this paper explores the possibilities of developing multilingual technology for the non-Chinese groups. This paper offers suggestions on tools that may help break down the language barriers: a cross-lingual Chinese input tool, a Cantonese expression finder for daily conversation, and a virtual assistant for Chinese reading and writing. Prototypes are presented for the illustration of the ideas.

Read More: “Multilingual Technology for Non-Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong” (2016). Proceedings of Taiwan Conference on Translation & Interpretation: Multilingual Translation, pp. 111-134. Taipei: National Academy for Education Research.

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