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Technology for General Translators


TranXearch: An Intelligent Search Engine for Translators


Commercial search engines enable translators to conduct online research and help gather useful information for source text (ST) analysis and target text (TT) generation. However, existing systems, few of which are specifically for translation, may not be always translator-friendly, and the information provided may not be directly relevant to their translation tasks. To address these problems, I designed TranXearch, an intelligent search engine for translators. After receiving a query, the system automatically “consults” an array of translation tools, including but not limited to dictionaries and translation memory. It then generates a “translation profile”, which provides a wide range of information that helps analyse and translate the ST.

Read more: “TranXearch: An Intelligent Search Engine for Translators” (in Chinese) (2015). Translation and Interpreting Professions and Information Technology in Taiwan, pp. 93-112. Taipei: National Academy for Education Research. (




This is an online tool for automatic alignment of bilingual sentences. Based on an algorithm for the computation of sentence similarity developed by me, the tool can help translators build their own translation memories.

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