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Technology for Translation Researchers

Case Analysis

Online English-Chinese/Chinese-English Corpus Analysis for Translators and Translation Researchers


Bilingual corpora, together with the corresponding software packages for corpus analysis, are useful tools for not only linguists, but also translators and translation researchers. With the help of the tools, translators can study the meaning or usage of expressions in the source language, identify possible translation equivalents across linguistic ranks, and evaluate the commonness or idiomaticity of a certain expression in the target language. Meanwhile, the tools can benefit translation researchers by providing qualitative and quantitative data that help them describe the features of a translation, compare translations with respect to these features, study the linguistic differences between the source text and the target text, and discover translation methods and patterns. This paper presents an online corpus analysis tool that is especially for translators and translation researchers. The present work will help promote the development of corpus analysis tools specifically for practical translation and translation studies.

Read more: “An Online English-Chinese/Chinese-English Corpus Analysis System for Translators and Translation Researchers” (2015). Proceedings of Taiwan Conference on Translation & Interpretation: Translation Corpora, pp. 84-95. Taipei: National Academy for Education Research.

Data Cloud

Online Collection and Analysis of Data on Web-based Collaborative Business Translation


Web-based collaborative translation has been playing an important role in business translation, including the translation of financial documents and the localisation of promotional materials. Although there are tools that facilitate the operation of online translation teams by enabling them to get access to shared translation memories and terminology databases, few of the tools are research-oriented and allow researchers to record and analyse data on the collaborative process. To bridge the gap, this paper presents a web-based platform that brings together the practice and research of web-based collaborative business translation. This paper discusses the design and features of the system and highlights research projects that could be made possible with the use of the tool.

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